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>  Tea - Pure Ceylon tea

100% pure Ceylon results from harvests of the high plateaus of Sri Lanka. The soil of origin of the tea is the mountain. The teas are there of better quality.

The tea that we distribute is gathered with the hand and transformed on the spot thanks to the know-how of the population of Sri Lanka.

At each moment of the day a variety of tea corresponds:
Black tea nature 100% Ceylon: COp, BOP, in bulk or out of sachet for the morning.
Tea black 100% Ceylon earl grey, tea natural green 100% Ceylon, jasmine or mint, in bulk or out of sachet for all the day.

The “aficionados” will prefer the tea in bulk which releases the flavours better. In a hurry among us the tea out of sachets or infusettes will choose whose manufacture and flavours remain of great quality.


English Breakfast, Thé noir 100% pur Ceylan vrac 150 g
English Breakfast, Ceylon black tea loose tea 150 g
- Ceylon Tea BOP from a single garden
 5.00 €

Thé 100% pur Ceylan "Grands Jardins" nature 100 g
Black tea 100% Ceylon, 100 g
 4.50 €

Thé 100% pur Ceylan Earl Grey, vrac 100 g
Ceylon Green tea, loose tea 100 g
 4.50 €

Thé 100% pur Ceylan à l'orange, vrac 100 g
Orange Ceylon black tea, loose tea 100 g
 4.50 €

Thé 100% pur Ceylan aux fruits rouges, vrac 100 g
Red fruits Ceylon black tea, loose tea 100 g
 4.50 €

"Blue Note" thé de Ceylan chocolat et noix de coco vrac 100g
"Blue Note" Ceylon black tea with chocolate and coconuts, 100g
 4.50 €

Thé vert 100% pur Ceylan Gunpowder au citron, vrac 100 g
Ceylon Gunpowder green tea with lemon, loose tea 100 g
- The lemon just bring a touch of bitterness and awaken your taste buds with fresh while retaining the benefits of green tea.
 4.50 €

Thé vert 100% pur Ceylan à la menthe, vrac 100 g
Ceylon green tea with mint, loose tea 100 g
- Resulting from the infusion of green tea and mint leaves, this tasty tea is very refreshing. This drink, tonic and digestive, you evoke the Maghreb.
 5.00 €